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Many ask what can be done about the problem our society has with crime. Our prisons are filled to capacity, with more and more prisons being built each year. Statistics from the Bureau of Justice say that 700,000 inmates will be released from America’s prisons this year. And it is believed that 67 percent of them will commit another crime within 3 yrs. of being released. Is there anything that we can do to help alleviate this problem?

This is a story of how our volunteers try to make a difference in one local prison. They are not parole officers or attorneys, and are probably not the kind of counselors you might normally think of. In fact, they may well be the first people you’ve ever met who are on their way to jail, and trying to get there as fast as they can. They are not paid employees, but this is their passion to connect with inmates who have never met them before.

The inmates have dreams, they have hurts, and they all have families. They’re real people who have made some very wrong decisions. Our volunteers are talking to them heart to heart, offering Bible studies, words of encouragement, and an array of Christian reading materials.

Our volunteers take time out from their lives and away from their families to come and spend time with these men. And it takes hold on some of them.  Crime is a moral decision, and if you can impact a guy’s life and give him moral principles, Christian principles, that he can live by, it dramatically impacts his life and in turn his family and society as a whole. We don’t expect a program like ours will impact every inmate in a way we intend. It is enough if just 1 person is lead down a better road. It is then worth the effort and helping to solve this problem.

We’ve had an ongoing ministry here now for 13 years. And in those 13 years we’ve been able to impact thousands of lives. We visit the prisoners in one dorm in particular weekly and also hold weekly Bible Studies/12 Foundation Stones classes (see Library) which are open to various prisoners from all over the prison. Many of the men take a copy of each class, as well as tracts, and Christian booklets, etc., back with them & share them with the prisoners who aren’t authorized to attend. And as far as our visits to the dorms, the Chaplain recently commented that the dorm of 240 men we visit are the most receptive to Spiritual input in the entire prison.  On a regular basis there are over 150 of them reading the Word and the books we bring in.

Here are some of the testimonies of the effect that the Word and these classes have had on these men’s lives:

I graduated from the Overcomers’ class a few months ago. My name is Todd and I’m a recovering heroin addict. I’m 37 yrs. old and came to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and follow Him for a year now. I now feel a freedom I never knew before even though I am behind bars. This freedom I know comes from my Lord and Savior. I know in my heart that as long as I am looking up towards Him, and walking in the Spirit, I never have to return to my vomit ever again.
I want to thank you for all you do for us by teaching us about our Lord and Savior. Your class was great and I thank you so much, and for the Bible you blessed me with. It is so easy to read and follow. Thank you brother Richard. Remember you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Please continue to pray for me as well. I know that I am by your side as we fight the battle in the spiritual realm through our prayers and supplications. “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.” (1 John 4:4) Your brother in Christ, ——Todd

I just wanted to take this time and thank you Richard for the privilege of knowing you, and for helping me to be content with what I have. And for helping me to remember that God is also in control of every part of my life.
I can expect God’s peace when I accept God’s grace. The classes and books you give us, we are very thankful for, and grateful for the time and dedication that is put into teaching this Overcomers’ class. Thank you.–George

Thank you for the Word you give us. It inspires me to want to be a better soldier in the army of the Lord.—Chris

A friend, who was attending the Overcomers class here at the prison, told me about this class, so I signed up. Our instructor, Richard, is very passionate about carrying the message to others and one of the things I’ve learned the most is about the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. The one thing I remember most is the rewards of getting out of God’s way (giving up the attitude of being in control).—Greg

These classes help me to think positive. They put my mind into a whole new world. I’m learning to put myself into the Lord, and learn about heaven.—Miguel

I’ve learned a lot in this class already as they really help me. I take them back to my dorm and share them with the other guys in our Bible study.—Julio

Thank you very much. I am 39 years old and have given my life to the Lord for the first time in my life. And this is one of the only classes I enjoy. Thank you for the books and all of your support. May our Lord bless you and shower your families with the peace, love, and joy of Jesus Christ. I am now a new man in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thank you & God bless you!—Gabriel

I am very happy to be able to spend my time in this Overcomers’ class. The class and the books have given me peace and tranquility; and in my dreams, I am free. I feel free! I’m learning to communicate with God, and He has given me good ideas to have a better future.—Sergio

This class has been great. I now think before I react. Of course, I have overcome a bunch of difficult obstacles in my life. I have overcome love and family problems. So far, as to changing, it’s been noticeable. I think very positive now towards bad situations. This class and the books have really helped me to improve myself. I need this class to help me throughout the week to have something positive to help me remember the right choices, and to keep my mind off the bad vibes and negative situations. I’m here to change my mind set. Thanks to this class I have moved on successfully.—Alberto

I pray that God is blessing you above and beyond all you can ask, think, or imagine. I am one of the many men who are being affected by this ministry: this class and all the books. They are a big blessing; and speaking for more than just “me”, I wish to express our gratitude. The books, which cover a wide range of topics, are contributing immensely to our spiritual growth. Thank you very much! To all of you who are unseen, behind the scenes, we realize that much of this ministry is made possible, in large part, to the sacrifice and efforts of you all behind the scenes. We offer our heartfelt thanks to you and our appreciation for all you do.—Steve

I am writing with my heart full of joy and to send my appreciation for all the books you give us, and for this weekly class that gives us hope and a new life in God. My life is changing from bad to good to know how much God loves and cares for me. My life has changed for good by knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. May God give you more wisdom. I am so thankful for you all.—Benjamin

Lord, I thank you because without You I don’t know what would have been of my life. I made a huge mistake by trying to take the life of my wife, and then trying to take my life too. They took me to the hospital to try to save my wife and my life. If it wasn’t for you, heavenly Father, I would be in the grave, if not for Your great love. You gave me a new chance in life and I don’t want to fail You. What I’m learning from Your Word is so beautiful. I feel so happy by Your side. Thank you Father for how good You are to all of us, because You know how to forgive our sins, and I want to be one of Your sons. And I always want to be by Your side. Amen.—Jose Luis

“I never knew love my whole life until I came to your class. Now I know what love is.” A.J.

Be careful what you pray for.
I have come to the prison system three times. What is different this time as far as my relationship with God is the intimacy He and I share everyday. This is achieved by doing the following things:
I spend hours, (approximately 2) reading the Word everyday. Today I seek the Lord. I meditate on what I read and do my very best through God’ Spirit to apply it in my new walk. I also have fellowship with other Christians because we can relate to each other well.
Slowly but surely God is transforming me to his likeness. Spending time with the Lord is no longer a duty, it is a delight. Through my commitment to God, He actually speaks to me and I recognize His voice. I see visions that He places in my mind that assures me of His presence and His protection. His Spirit has become so sensitive to me and He is with me every minute of every day.
I ask God for spiritual growth so I can represent Him in all that I do. I have never had the peace, patience, love and strength until I surrendered everything about me and live the will of God!
Prayers will be answered, so be careful what you pray for. JDV

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mk 11:24)
The Lord my God has changed my life. How? By giving me His Holy Spirit. The old person that lived in me died. Is not easy, no, to experience a change like that; living in the middle of what I’m presently surrounded with. It was difficult and painful, I don’t deny it.
The most difficult step was to forgive myself, because I had to admit all my mistakes, accept that I was living wrongly until today; but today I think, I finally was able to do it, and every day I ask God to transform me into the person He expects of me; that His Holy Spirit doesn’t depart from me, that He won’t allow the old person that used to live in me, to come back, that He prepares me to come back to my family like a new person and ready to give testimony to my church and family, and to be able to bring more people closer to God’s way.
I know that God listens when I pray, because I have faith and believe in Him with all my heart.
Now I’m different, I feel different, since I decided to allow God’s will and not mine to govern my life. I believe and trust in God. I have Faith. Andres G.S.

I would like to extend my appreciation and my faith to the people that are willing to help us with the Word of God & our Savior, Jesus Christ. You are a true blessing to us all. You are so blessed, I have learned a lot in this class. Things I have never imagined that I would have learned.
Our teachers are awesome and very helpful in so any ways. I would like to let you know, that there are so many people that need to take this type of wisdom that your ministry has to offer.
I am learning so many things that are good to understand about myself and others, and have been blessed in so many ways since I gave my life to Christ Jesus.
He’s an awesome God. I will share this wisdom with as many people as I can.
I have learned that God has us on this earth for a purpose, and I believe Jesus Christ has opened the door I have been searching for all these years. I am 56 years old and have 6 children and 14 grandchildren, and have no more chances. This is my 7th time in prison, and I have never had someone to guide me.
I grew up in the streets, and at the age of 12, ran away from home, and learned how to survive. But today I choose to be a man of God. I thank you all for being there for me.
Once again I thank you! Now I say ” What can my Father and I do for you today?” Sincerely yours, J. O.

I first began coming to the Overcomers class here in prison because I was in need of fellowship and to learn the Word. I immediately found what I was searching for. The class is informative in all aspects of the Word. I look forward each week to attending this class and learning more of God’s Word. Richard and Louis are very good instructors who welcome us with open arms. We are very grateful to have them as representatives of God’s Word. Being here in prison can be very depressing at times. There are a lot of evil things that go on here. The class is a battery charger for us. Each week we get our refill to “fight the good fight” and be positive Christians to our fellow offenders. Thank you and keep up the good work. God bless you!   Bradley L.

Before I knew the Lord I was truly lost and didn’t even know it. My life was sick, and sick was my life. I guess looking back I knew what I was doing was wrong. I just didn’t know how wrong. I just didn’t know how wrong. Going back to the time right before I got saved, I was strung out on meth, down to 165 lbs. My own parents were offended by me because my mind was so messed up, not to mention the severe paranoia I was experiencing. I always felt like I was being watched. When I finally ended up in jail, I hit bottom pretty hard, it being my first time. All I knew is that I didn’t want to come back. I was saved by the grace of God in April 2006, right through the bars at the County Jail. Since then, I have fallen a few times, but each time has made me stronger. I believe that my testimony and past experiences will help to reach others in similar situations, and hearing my story will help them not to make the same mistakes I did. I won’t say I don’t struggle, I do every day, but my Father in Heaven is with me wherever I go, and that gives me “the peace of God which passes all understanding.” I thank Him daily for His love and guidance and I know I could never make it through the things I do make it through without Him. I do regret the mistakes I’ve made, but at the same time I’m grateful for the wisdom and experience I’ve gained through my life’s mistakes. (Ro. 8:28). Good attitude and perseverance are good things and easy to talk about, but difficult to apply. Praise God!    N.N.

I have been attending “Overcomers” class over a year. My faith has grown tremendously. I learnt about the Bible a whole different way. My outlook at life has changed. I understand why I was made. God has shown me a different way to walk. All the studies I have gone thru have been a great help. I have grown plenty in spirit and faith because of the study material. Upon my release I know I can be a better role model for my children. I can be a real husband to my wife. I can count on my Lord with every circumstance I face. I can walk by faith not by sight. I’d just like to thank you and keep helping because you are reaching the lost souls. God bless you and keep up the (good) work.            Ezequiel S.

Thank you for your publications and your service in God’s Kingdom. We appreciate your efforts in spreading the power of His Word throughout the world. I am a part of the community of believers here in prison at this State Jail facility in South Texas. We receive your publications through the volunteers that come to us through Family Missions Ministry, the “Overcomers” Program. We, in turn, pass them and circulate them throughout the prison. They are well received and the general response is always positive (they want more). We enjoy the quality of your work, the heart behind the stories and the spirit of uplifting that goes into producing the material you deliver. The volunteers Richard and Louis are a definite blessing and we thank God for their dedication to come here and devote their energy and effort to support us and bring Gods Word into such a dark place as this. We thank God for them, for you, and for every part of the body of Christ that reaches out to a dying world, to support people like us who have seemingly lost our way. We acknowledge the hand of God behind the scenes in your ministry, in their ministry, and reaching into our lives to guide us to Him. We encourage you to keep up the wonderful work, and our continued prayer for you all is that you may grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (2Pe3:18). To Him be glory now and forever. Thank you for your time and God bless each of you.                               F. T. Hall

All of my study classes help me to get close to our Lord and to find Love – the Love of God. To know that God is Love, and if someone doesn’t have Love, that person doesn’t know God. I thank all the visitors that come to sharing God Love. I have learnt more about God than ever before. This is a gift of God, and also being blessed each day by coming to this group and Bible study. I never felt so much blessings. So each morning the first thing I do, I thank God just for opening my eyes to see that I’m not in the darkness, now I see. And my past is the past. I’m done with the past. So again may God bless all of you that share God’s Word, all the visitors, especially the “Overcomers” class Bible study. May God bless you,       Jese O.

I really am a man who has felt alone since I’ve arrived at this prison, but since I’ve started to be a part of this class I get a sense that everything is going to be alright. I don’t feel alone. I feel a sense of relief and love. I grew up without parents, with hardships and trials. But with God in my life I know there has to be a purpose for me. I can’t explain my experience, but when I walk in the door to this class, I tend to leave my problems and worries at the door. I can only image what it does for all the other men. Thank you.       Justin T.

These classes have changed my life very much! They have filled my empty heart. Now I feel real confidence and self esteem. And if it wasn’t for these classes I would be very different, not knowing wisdom nor the Word. The Word inspires me very much. I really love myself now and other people. I wish more people would attend these classes. Now I know wrong from right and to do the right thing! There are really a lot of people lost in the world and need Jesus to comfort their heart. I thank you very much for these classes and books. I will continue coming as long as I live.       Hector H.

I have been strong in here with my walk with God but at times it’s been hard to understand why I’ve been dealt a bad hand in life. This class has helped me to understand about how the Lord is working in my life and what I need to continue to do when I leave prison. I’m very grateful to be a student in this class and a student in my walk with Christ. Thank you. God bless.              Edward R.

I am 44 yrs. old and have been in prison 8 times over a period of 20 yrs….a total of 14 yrs. incarcerated. The reason I share this time period is because when I came back this last time, I had hopelessly given up on life. Drug addiction had stolen 28 yrs. of my life. I hated myself and my life. But GOD didn’t give up on me! Over the last 18 months God has radically transformed me through His Spirit and Word when I had no hope. The Word, Jesus, gave me hope. I truly have been “born again” by the living, enduring Word of God. The “Overcomers” class is a powerful class that is offered here on Thursday. The material they give out is very helpful. God is raising up an army of soldiers in this prison system! God bless you!         Erik

The classes given here are good classes in this prison and the most comes from “Overcomers”. I’d like to express my gratitude for everything these 2 men do for us. Thank you for helping these guys. Life is a struggle in here and these 2 men help us get away from life in here. Thank you.             Andrew C.

I would like to first give God all the glory, honor and praise! As for this class and the material provided I would like to personally thank everyone who has put their time, money, and effort into providing this class and the material. The volunteers who come and share the Word of God and help to enlighten us, help draw us closer to the Lord through fellowship and the materials that have been provided by you at “Activated”! I thank you and ask God to continue to bless you individually and collectively to continue serving and educating God’s children. Thank you!                  N.N.

I have been attending the “Overcomers” class here at this prison for the past 16 months. The materials that are provided, the 12 Foundation Stones classes, the Activated booklets, and Bible study guides, have been extremely helpful to me and all the men I share them with in my dorm of 60 men. I thank you for providing the materials for us so we can continue to grow and learn in our daily faith walk.        Shawn B.

The Lord has opened my eyes & heart to the Word and gives me a sense of freedom & protection inside these walls. He’s been working miracles through prayer that never cease to amaze me. He is an awesome God and He talks to me in unexpected ways. God bless you!       Dan M.

God has been good, I can’t complain. This class with all the material is very cool. These 2 men have really made me look forward to Thurs. night’s “Overcomers” class. I’ve learnt so much. I look forward to sharing all this material with my family when I get out, especially with my wife.           Erick

All this Word has given me the strength that I need to endure and make it through each day. The Word has given me peace and hope of a brighter day.      Anthony S.

This class and materials have changed my life in many ways. They have opened my life to new opportunities and the Lord has blessed me by letting me hear from my wife and kids. This class has helped me learn and understand the Lord’s Word more clearly. Thanks to this class I have been blessed in numerous ways. God bless you all!       Randy F.

I am an inmate at this State Jail and I want to thank Jesus Christ for the love that He, and He alone, has instilled in the hearts of these volunteers in “Overcomers” that bring the “good news” of the Gospel of Christ Jesus.     Tom

These Bible classes have been helping me a lot to get understanding and wisdom (Godly wisdom) in my daily choices to do the correct thing; have peace of mind; fellowship with other believers; and hear testimonies of how God has been working in their lives. The love of all the missionary volunteers bring peace and joy to our troubled souls, as do their words of encouragement and hope. The Bible says that “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”  (Romans 10:17) By listening to these Bible sessions, the Word of God is being in bedded into us, into our minds, and eventually we will act upon It, being “doers of the Word, not just hearers only”. (James 1:22)       Manuel H.

While here in prison, I’ve spent the last 13 months attending every faith based class possible. I actually wanted my life to change. I know God knows my heart so He knew I was serious about changing my entire life and quit using alcohol. Here in prison I’ve been obedient. Out in the world I gave when I could but I backslid. I’m here for DWIs. I’ve never crashed or had any wrecks in all the 12 or 14 DWIs I’ve had. Here in prison I’ve rejected hate and all the lust that surrounds us as the Spirit tells me when things aren’t right. I’ve made sure in my heart that I will not quit the Word once my blessings come. It’s so clear that I cannot make it on the outside without God and the Word every day. I was blessed with a 3yr. sentence, when most people get 5 or 10 yrs. for what I’ve done. So to make a long story short, it was almost for certain that I would have to complete all 3 yrs. of my sentence, with no “good time” deducted, to get out.  But I kept working towards the Lord. I promised to myself that even if I was turned down for parole that I would stay the course as He would provide me strength. I learned how to thank God waking me each morning, as I walk from building to building, for the clouds in the sky, for the people, and for the beautiful kids He’s given me. Thanking Jesus for all He’s done for me. I let Him know I try, but I cannot really know just how much suffering He went through and where He got the strength to let them keep doing to Him what they were doing in order to make our forgiveness complete. I have also learned to meditate and listen so well. Two months ago I was praying and asked God to give me an answer if I was going to get released. I was listening and started to lie back in my bunk. Before I was all the way down on my back, a voice said: “Make your plans!” Two months later I got the news that I will be released. I knew the voice was the Lord’s at the time, honestly, but I kicked the idea around that maybe it was just my thoughts. But deep down inside I knew it was the Lord. He really, truly loves me!! God bless you!         Ben M.

I have an 8 yr. sentence and have been here in the Dominguez unit for the past 2 year, being isolated from my family and children. I do not receive letters, phone calls, or visits. I do not say this to inspire sympathy, but to proclaim that my time in prison has been spent studying and applying the Word of God. A large part of my spiritual growth, of course, attributed to God, but also to the volunteers that come to this facility. The prison system can be a dark and dreary place. However, a ray of light is shone into our dark world by God through allowing these wonderful classes to be available to us. The “Overcomers” class facilitated by Richard & Louis is one of those classes. The step by step process by which they teach doctrine edifies not only the new believers, but the maturing believers as well. By going through scripture line by line, precept by precept, we are given material that builds us more than an occasional Sunday sermon could ever do. The stories, testimonies, and humorous content of the lessons taught in “Overcomers” add an interesting take in lifting up the name of Jesus. I thank God for all who are a part of this ministry. It offers us hope and shows us that we are not alone. That God’s people are all around us and He uses them in different ways, all to bring glory to His name. My prayers of growing in grace and knowledge of Christ are being answered weekly by God using these “Spirit led” men to teach us. Thank you for your time and for supporting us by giving us the much needed Word. “Overcomers” has truly been a blessing for me and our Christian community here in prison. God bless you!    Faisal H.

From Aurelio: “I want to thank you for all the help you’ve given to me while I was here. I’ve been in your class for the 2 years that I’ve been here and it has changed my life. I now understand so much about God and what it means to be saved. I’m a changed man and you were instrumental in all that the Lord did in my life.”

From Cary: “Thank you for these great classes you give to us each week. It’s so refreshing to listen to God’s Word for 2 hours. And thank you for the books. They truly bless and minister to me. The Lord is opening a door for me when I get out ‘ministry wise’ and all that you have given me while I was here at Dominguez has prepared me for all that’s ahead. God bless you!”

From Ahn: “I want to thank you again for being my guidance, my friend. Thank you for teaching me the Word of God and Jesus as my Savior.  I have talked to a lot of missionary guys and preachers, but no one has ever touched me more than you have. You have not only taught me God’s Word, but you also had concern about my personal life and my family.”

From Paul: “I have been coming to these classes for 14 months now and I really enjoy them and have really been blessed. Before coming to prison, I had no idea of how Jesus was working in my life. These classes and all the Word have not only taught us, who come to these classes, but we take them and the books back to our dorms and they benefit a lot of people there as well. Besides the other Christians brethren, the Muslims as well want to read all these classes and booklets. They teach us how to share God’s love with others and how to lead them in a simple way to salvation in Jesus Christ. The volunteers here are good examples of Godly men and have put thoughts of being a missionary in my heart. I pray that God guides me and if He wants me to be a missionary, I will now have a head start. Thank you again and God bless you!”

From Xavier: “I have received Jesus as my Lord and Savior and coming to this class has helped me to learn more about Jesus. From the classes and the books I receive, it just seems to me that Jesus is talking to me through them. This is why I come to every class each week, so I can get fed more from the Word. I believe in my heart that the Holy Spirit has been bringing me back to this class which I love so well. I believe that without all the Word and the books in this class, I would not have shown up. So I thank God for sending these volunteers and all this Word. Amen!”

From Andrew: “The booklet you gave me entitled ‘The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist’ has set my mind and heart at ease about the Tribulation. I was very uncertain about the outcome of the Rapture and my place in it if it happened in my lifetime. The booklets have been very helpful about Christ’s second coming. My future is very different for me now because I have found through the Word that God is all powerful and an ever present power. I am now more confident in the Word of God and my salvation. Thank you for these men and all the Word. Please keep it coming. We need all of this and more. God bless you!”

From Shawn: “Since I came to the Lord and started attending these classes, I have been steadily learning and growing and allowing Jesus to work through me. All the Word and lessons I’ve received have truly helped break things down in a way that I can understand and have been very helpful in bringing me to the place where I am now in my spiritual growth. I am very grateful and extremely thankful.”

From Alfredo: “This ministry and all the Word and classes we receive has helped me a lot. They’ve helped me to explain the Lord and His love to my wife, and how our faith and obedience move God’s hand so we can receive His blessings in our lives. It’s made simple for us so we can understand things better now. My wife has a strong temper and she has been helped to encourage ourchildren in love more.   My family has also seen a big change in me. I’m learning to forgive, no matter what someone does to me. I write to my family more and tell them about my changes too. My mother is so very happy now that I know Jesus, as she sees the changes in me.”

From Kenneth:  “This ministry has put God’s Word and will in laymen’s terms for me so that I can understand. It destroys the myth that God’s Word is complicated.    It also helps me to explain the Word to others here in prison, to break it down so they understand better God’s love and His plan for salvation.”

From Joe:  “These classes have opened my eyes in many ways and I see things much more clearly now. These classes have also helped me to share my heart and be more open to discuss things I wouldn’t have in the past. They’re really helping me to prepare for the ‘free world.’”

This class has really helped me out a lot. It was really hard on me being locked up away from my family. I have been locked up for 18 months already. Since I have been coming to Overcomers, I have been able to come close to Jesus and have learned to have more faith. This class has given me strength to continue moving forward in my walk with Jesus. I have 13 months left on my sentence and so 13 months left with this class. Now I will be able to do it without worry or stress. This is my first time being locked up and I have learned a lot from this experience. When I get out I will continue to walk with Jesus and change the things and people that are around me. Overcomers has truly changed my attitude to be positive.   Andre M.

This class is very educational for me Biblically. I learn a lot. This class makes me get into the Word more. The things I learn in here open my eyes to things I haven’t read yet in the Bible. This class is a milk and meat class to me, and that’s exactly where I think I am at in my walk. Chewing a little meat, and washing it down with a cold glass of milk. I would like to thank Richard and Louis for their dedication to what the Lord has called them to do. As a young believer and a fellow brother I can learn a lot from them. As long as I am here, I’ll be in attendance like a sponge soaking up all the knowledge I can before the Lord moves me from here. Thank you for everything and God bless you!   Robert C.

This class has done its purpose. Thanks for everything. All the material has really been great. I have been here since Nov. 2010 and I won’t stop coming until I leave. Richard and Louis have been great teachers and now good friends. May the Lord keep shining forever on your lives. Amen. Your brother in the Lord,   E.G.

From Brian: “Thank you for your love and the comfort you bring to class every week. When you read From Jesus with Love, it never fails to move me deeply – often to tears. I thank God for these times.”

From Jim: “God is leading me in His truth and since I have gotten out of prison I am starting to get my life right with God. Please send me more things to read if you can – that would be such a blessing. You were my inspiration in the midst of my sufferings and I thank you with all my heart!”

From Parker: “I would have gone through this system only to have learned to fine-tune my criminal skills. Instead I have found out about God! It was all through the volunteers and the way that they have introduced me to God and His grace. These volunteers have also led me to the pinnacle of what I have been looking for in my entire life, which is love – love that could not be filled by any drugs, alcohol, or circumstances.”

I must say this class has helped me out a lot. I can now add this experience to my testimony itself. When I arrived here on the unit in July 2010 – I wasn’t fully grasping the fact that “I was back in prison” and had at least 3 years to do before I was eligible for parole. When I got here I found myself wondering  “how am I going to get through this?” I then found myself praying to God and asking for direction…and the Lord guided me to this class. Overcomers has been a great benefit in my spiritual walk with Christ. I’ve been able to regain my composure and maintain my character in my identity with who I am in Christ. It’s been difficult, I have to admit. Some days have been more complicated than others, but, nevertheless, I recognize that it’s these days that I had either not spent time with the Lord, read His Word, nor fellowshipped. I had tried to figure it out and handle it on my own, relying on my own understanding. But God has a way of getting your attention and will do so as many times as He sees fit, especially if He has a purpose for you. That’s where I find it to be true when He says “His love is unfailing”, “His mercy endures forever,” and “His grace is sufficient”…even in the midst of my unfaithfulness He still remains faithful. The more I continue to take it one day at a time and seek His guidance, things become clearer and He reveals Himself to me more. I’m realizing that He’s been with me all this time, but He just needed to get my attention. When I realized that I had a choice to stay down or get back up I knew I had to start somewhere, and would eventually end up better than what I was. So thanks to Jesus Christ as the ultimate Overcomer who overcame the world and because of this “I too can stand up against anything that comes my way as an overcomer”. Thanks a lot brother Richard and Louis…John 16:33: “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”     Much love and respect,  John G.