Tract Distributions in Mexico

Category: Mexico Projects

Here are a few testimonies from one of our missionaries in Mexico, telling of the far-reaching effects that the tracts have had there and continue to have.

ChristmasTracts: The Christmas tract for childrenwas a tremendous hit with so many this past year!  One beautiful story was the daughter of Sofia, an Active member, who took the tracts to school. She was to give a Christmas speech and, afterwards, pass out the tracts to her classmates.  The message was so beautiful and well received that the teacher had her do it for the principal of the school, and then she was commissioned to do the presentation and distribution of the tracts in all of the classes of her grade in school.  It was quite touching to see how so many truly valued the message of the true meaning of Christmas and embraced it.   As the result of her efforts, I received a call from the mother of one of the boys who received one of the tracts.  She was very touched by the message of God’s love and Salvation that she requested more of the tracts so that her son could do a presentation for another gathering as well.Everywhere we went during the Christmas season, we distributed these beautiful tracts.   They brought smiles and a real spirit of awakening that, “yes, that’s right!  This is Christmas!  Thank you for reminding me of its true meaning!”  On Christmas Eve I met a worker in a store stocking shelves and I asked her- “how long do you have to work tonight? I hope not too late!” and I wished her a Merry Christmas and handed her a tract.   She stopped,   looked at it and looked back at me and put her arms around me and gave me a huge hug, thanking me for the message and for the wishes!  So sweet!

Variety of other tracts: During the summer, I visited Guayabitos, a little town near Puerto Vallarta.  In the evening we passed by a table of sellers of jewelry at a hotel and gave them all tracts.  When we passed back later a couple stopped us and thanked us for the message, once again asking for more!  The wife said, “You can’t imagine how right on that message was for us!  It really hit the nail on the head!  Thank You!”

Thank the Lord and our dear printer who have supplied over 1,000,000 tracts over the last 4 years to freely distribute in Mexico and the U.S.A..