Rosa’s Foot

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“It was April 2008, 9pm and I went out for what I thought was a little walk. As I was walking along a quiet street with a friend I heard a siren and saw the blue and red flashing lights of a police car as it was chasing another car. Suddenly I heard a loud noise like a bomb! Seconds later, I saw the police car coming toward me and I was on the ground.
It had crashed with the car it was chasing. It was then that I saw a foot on the ground nearby and realized it was my own foot that had been cut off by a piece of one of the bumpers that flew off  in the crash.
I picked it up and started crying out loud, ‘Lord, you never leave me, put my foot back, put my foot back!’ ”

These are the words and the testimony of one of our Active members, Rosa, and how this accident happened, and what Jesus did to bring about the victories for her full recovery.
When we went to visit Rosa in the hospital she tried to explain about the accident the best she could, but wasn’t able to yet, but her faith was strong. She had had her first operation and another was scheduled again that same day.
We knew we were witnessing a miracle in the works as she could already wiggle her toes. The doctors had already reattached her foot and main nerve and were amazed at how well she could do this just two days after surgery. Needless to say this was very encouraging for her and a testimony to other patients. She was already witnessing to the lady in the next bed who had had a stroke.
Days later she told us of the miracles that happened right after the accident:
“I’m so amazed at how after the bumper hit me and I fell down, I got up almost immediately. I was standing holding my foot in my hand, and I didn’t feel any pain. Then I remember a man with a white shirt that talked to me, hugged me, and told me not to fear. He lay me down on the side walk and made me lean on him, and started to pray for me. That really comforted me and I didn’t have any fear. I heard some voices, and I opened my eyes and I saw 7 other people praying out loud for me. It was so amazing. People I never knew. The Lord brought these believers to the scene to pray for me and I felt such peace. I knew God was with me in this troubled time and I felt His presence.  Fifteen minutes later the ambulance arrived. They put my foot in ice and rushed me to the hospital. I had an emergency operation that night.
Later on I asked for the man in the white shirt who prayed for me and nobody seemed to remember anybody with that description. An angel perhaps…”
Rosa spent a month in the Hospital during that time and won 5 souls to the Lord, witnessing and encouraging many more.
One of these was a lady in the bed next to her who had suffered a stroke. She couldn’t move very well nor walk, and was having a hard time with therapy. While witnessing to her, Rosa told her that to God we are like gold, better than gold, and that the Devil is the one who wants us chained. But God wants us healed!  One day Rosa saw her doing really well on the treadmill and Rosa praised her for it, to which she answered, “you told me that to God we’re better than gold. So when I’m doing the therapy I say to myself, ‘I’m better than gold, I’m better than gold.’ And it’s working!”
Another man Rosa witnessed to at the hospital was Jose, from California. He also received Jesus as his Savior. Jose fell from the seventh floor of a building, and said that he knew God must have turned him around while falling in the air to a vertical position, so that he landed on his feet. He broke his legs and his hip got dislocated, but he was still alive. If he had landed horizontally, he wouldn’t have been alive.
He said he knew God had a purpose bringing him to this hospital. The doctors told him that the hospital here was more qualified to treat his injuries, but after meeting Rosa and receiving Jesus into his heart, he knew that she was why the Lord brought him here. He also mentioned that when he gets back to California, he wants to serve the Lord somehow.
A month and a half after the accident Rosa was walking with the help of a walker, two months later she was walking with no help at all with just a little limp. The doctors were very surprised, they expected the same progress in nine months for a young person, and Rosa is 63.
Today she walks fine with no limps at all. The doctors said that it usually takes two years for the progress she’s made. Thank You Jesus!
Rosa has opened the doors of her business for the last seven years to host Bible studies with others, and just four months after the accident, on August 26, we started again the Bible studies there again.
Rosa is such a fighter and the faith for all this came because of her faithful study of God’s Word. “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” (Romans 10:17) This accident has strengthened Rosa even more than before!