Margaret’s Healing

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Holding weekly Bible Studies at a local business, many of our students actively witnesses.

One day one of our students, Hortensia, got a call from a lady she had been witnessing to, who wanted prayer for her foot which was extremely swollen so that she couldn’t walk.  The doctors had said after many tests and scans that she had a rare bony mass around her foot and she needed extensive surgery and they could not guarantee if she was going to be able to walk normally again, even after the surgery.  So Hortencia called another of our students, Rosa, and they both decided to go and pray for Margaret right away.  They found Margaret on the floor at her house, so they helped her up and laid hands on her to pray for her foot.  Rosa received the verse Acts 3:6 “…silver and gold have I none; but such as have give I thee: in the name of Jesus Christ… rise up and walk.” So Rosa repeated this verse to Margaret as they prayed & told her to get up and walk. At first Margaret hesitated and said “I can’t”, but then the faith came to her just then and she tried and she did get up and walked!  Although very hesitantly at first, she gained more faith and exclaimed “I’m walking! I’m walking!”  From that day on the swelling started to go down.  The doctors could hardly believe their eyes when they saw her foot again and they cancelled the surgery.

About a week later she came for the first time to our Activated/Bible study meetings.  In Margaret’s own words she said  “ I’m like the little lamb that kept going astray and the Lord had to break my foot so I can stay close to the Shepherd” because”, she said “ I had been far from the Lord after my husband died 2 years ago in an accident.”

Now she doesn’t stop praising the Lord for the miracle of healing her foot, and bringing her close to Him again!

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