Donating Christian books, DVDs, CDs, etc. to Orphanages in Jalisco, Mexico

Category: Mexico Projects

In these orphanages we visit, there is a general need for afternoon and evening activities where the children can receive spiritual, educational and recreational input. The orphanage personnel being limited, it is very difficult for the resident staff to supply this need the children have for more quality input and structured, stimulating activities at times when their parents would normally be around.

We have embarked on the mission of filling this need in particular, through searching out volunteers and planning programs that can be implemented in various orphanages, and donating all the materials listed below to each orphanage that is willing to participate.

Our plan for the afternoon and evening activities includes the use of these values-oriented reading and audiovisual materials, and educational games. We monitor and report on the use of these materials, participating in and evaluating the effectiveness of the different elements of the activities promoted and realized.

Aurora Productions AG is the publishing house we have worked with for many years, as their products are designed to be useful to parents and educators in teaching children spiritual values, and we have found them very well received in the many institutions we have served during that time. Diosideas ® is an international company based here in Guadalajara, producing family games centered on general Bible knowledge, also very well known and loved.

Following is a letter from the Director of one of these orphanages, along with the list of all the supplies we furnish:


With this letter we send you effectual greetings from all the children of Hermanos Unidos (Brothers United) home for children, at the same time making the request for the materials that we consider very important tools in the formation of the little ones who live in the home.

Mottos for Success                                                        2

From Jesus with Love gift books (set of 7)                        1

Moments of Relief          (set of 4)                                   1

Exploring the Bible   (set of 6)                                         1

Thoughts                  (set of 5)                                        1

Great Adventures of the Bible w/calendar             1

Feed My Lambs boxed set                                             1

Dino Tales  (set of 3)                                                      1

Granpa Stories  (set of 4)                                                1

Uncle Jim DVDs (set of 5)                                               1

[Cherub Wings DVDs (set of 5)]                                      1

Carlos Caterpillar DVDs (set of 3)                                    1

CDs: Footprints, I Love You, Soul Mate,

With You, I Like to be with You,

Sleep with the Angels (Sweet Dreams Tonight),

Happy Birthday, Great Friends, You’re a Little Star,

Feed My Lambs           (1 of each)                                  10

In thankfulness for all your valuable support:

Sincerely,    Sor (Mother) María del Carmen Padilla Romero (Director)

This is our appeal to you, for your help to sponsor these materials we will use in these programs.