Saved from Who Knows What

Category: Reflections

By Joyce Suttin

“Grandma, why do you always pray before you drive?” The question came from my eight-year-old grandson. I had been vacationing at the beach with his uncle and cousins, and I was about to start the five-hour drive home in the rain, with my two young grandsons in the back seat.

“Driving is the scariest thing I do,” I told him. “I wouldn’t think of driving without praying. I might forget to pray before I cook a meal or write a letter or go for a walk, but I never forget to pray before I drive my car. I really depend on Jesus to protect me and my passengers. You just never know what might happen.”

Our trip home from the beach was going well, and we were making good time despite the rain. Then two miles from home, someone pulled onto the highway immediately in front of us. The driver was going too fast on the rain-slicked roads, and he lost control of the car, which spun around twice. The scene seemed surreal, like something out of a movie, and I only had time to breathe a silent prayer, flip on my emergency flashers to warn the cars behind me, and brake as forcefully as I could without causing an accident myself. The spinning car came to a halt perpendicular to the traffic, half on the highway and half off. I was upon it in a second or two, and miraculously just managed to steer clear of it by inches.

“Boys, did you see that?” I asked when I could breathe again.

“Yes, Grandma, we could have had a really bad accident! But I know why we didn’t—because you prayed.”

I think sometimes Jesus lets us see the trouble He spares us from to remind us that He’s with us every moment, watching over and protecting us in answer to our prayers. And Heaven only knows what troubles He saves us from that we don’t see, whether behind the wheel or all through life. What a wonderful companion, friend, and protector we have in Jesus!

Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone?

By Anne Spring

I was alone and tired after a long day, so I decided to watch a movie that a friend had recommended—and it left me terrified!

Watching that movie had seemed like such a simple, obvious decision that I hadn’t bothered to pray about it. If I had, Jesus might have shown me to do something else for relaxation, like go for a walk. I had made a hasty decision, and I suffered the consequences with hardly any sleep that night and a terrible start to the next day.

By mid-morning I greatly regretted my decision of the night before, as it seemed the problems of the whole world were now on my shoulders! I was having a bad allergy attack for the first time in two years, and other problems mounted till I finally cried out to Jesus. “Help! This is too much! I really messed up, and I need You!”

Suddenly I felt His presence and knew He had forgiven me. My mistake turned out to be His opportunity to draw me closer to Him as He explained how He saw things. The “little pebbles in my path,” as He called problem situations like the one I had stumbled over the night before, are a necessary part of life and for my good when I look to Him and learn from them. “If the stones were removed from a rushing stream,” He explained, “the stream would lose its song.” Problems aren’t pleasant, but without them I would probably just drift along, preoccupied with things of little value to the neglect of what is most important—my relationship with Him, which is the key to my happiness and well-being.

Had I prayed before watching that movie, Jesus would no doubt have helped me sidestep that “pebble.” But because I prayed when I did, He was able to turn it into a stepping stone by speaking to me about it. It’s never too late to pray!