Texas Teenage Shelter

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All of those cared for by this facility were caught without an adult with them and were under 17 years of age (sometimes as young as 7 yrs. old); most of whom were escaping life-threatening situations in their countries,(mainly Guatamala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras) such as extreme poverty, violence, death of family members, and abuse. We visited these young people weekly, providing them with counseling, comfort, and prayer; helping them cope during this difficult time in their lives.  We also gave Bible classes and distributed thousands of inspirational magazines, music CD’s, and Bibles here. This shelter held up to 135 teens and there was a constant turnover, with most staying for two to three months. In that time, though, we lead over 2,000 to Jesus as their personal Savior, and most were baptized with the Holy Spirit. We were also able to touch on many of the foundation stones of faith to carry with them when they left. Some of the young people were able to stay here in the USA, but many were sent back to their home countries.

Following are some of their thoughts on the help they’ve received. (Translated from Spanish.)

From Erich: “These classes have helped me a lot in the spirit because they tell me how to have faith and of the love of God towards us. I give thanks to God that people like you come to share the Word of God with us. I like (these classes) a lot because they help me to forget many things. I would like to ask if in the next class you teach how to forgive people who have caused us much damage.”

From Anner: “This class has helped me to get ahead and to always trust in God because having God in our hearts, we can all trust in God. He is a good God because without Him we can do nothing. I love you heavenly Father.”

From Jose: “This class has helped me to understand many things that have happened to me in my life in the past. I’ve learned many things from this class, that God has brought you to help me understand so many things in my life.”

From Juan: “This class has helped me in giving me strength to go on. This class has lifted my heart; I feel joy because, thanks to God, there are nice people like you. You have helped me to see there are more things in life ahead. You have lifted my faith and I thank God for everything He has given me.”

From Ervin: “Thank you, Lord, for these people because they have helped me forget the bad things in the past. I ask You that they will always be there helping me because now I have been saved, and You have helped me to live with other people. They have helped me to believe in You, because You have put people in my life. Bless and protect them. Thank You, Lord, for grace and mercy.”

From Enrri: “I like this class very much. I want God to help me. I want to learn a prayer that will take away the thoughts of a loved one, because he is dead. May God grant him rest. Thank you for coming to give this class. May God help you all. Thank you.”

From Edwin: “This class has helped me get ahead of my sadness. I feel a little happier because this class has helped me with my problems. I also give thanks to God because He has brought you to give us these classes that teach the Word of God, that tell us nice things of God and also help us with our problems, to leave the past behind and give us the Word of God to fill our hearts with happiness. I give thanks to you because you are so happy and wonderful with us and know how to talk so beautifully about our God. I give thanks to you.”

From Manuel: “This class has helped me to know that with God all things are possible. And this class has taught me that I need to pray for the things I need, and if we pray with all our heart, God will answer. To give thanks for things God has given us and for all the wonderful things He gives us every day.”

From Junior: “This class feels very good, because when I am depressed and come to this class I feel good. I give you thanks that God has sent you to this home to make us feel better. That God may bless both of you.”

From Pedro: “This class has helped me be in communication with the Lord, and to know wherever I am, He is there too and always will be with me, and I know that He forgives all our sins.”