Ronald McDonald House

Category: South Texas Projects

Every year, our team organizes a musical presentation along with the donation of children’s inspirational & educational materials to the children and families staying at the Ronald McDonald House.* (This year we were able to donate 210 inspirational books and a set of educational videos to families there.)   Every year, just before Christmas, our team of volunteers visits the three Ronald McDonald houses in our city. Our kid’s singing troupe cheer them up with Christmas carols, encouraging the audience to sing along with them, and then, after the performance, prayer and counsel are offered for the kids and parents.

* The Ronald McDonald House is a home-away-from home where families can stay while their children are being treated at various Medical Centers.

The houses accommodate a total of 50 families with an average of 150 children.    Often a child with a diagnosed disease lives far from the hospital. This creates an especially stressful situation for parents, as they must cope not only with a seriously ill child, but also with the burden of being away from home for days, weeks, and sometimes months at a time.

Your donations help us to accomplish our goal of providing the sick kids, and their families, with material that give them God’s comfort, strength and encouragement so critically needed at this time.